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Armacell is the world renowned manufacturer of flexible elastomeric rubber insulation, the development of Armaflex, the first flexible product for insulating pipes revolutionized the market for insulation material, the material is unique and has excellent technical properties and can be installed easily and cleanly, this property of the product makes it unique and which in turn provides an easy solution to the lengthy process of installing heavy, rigid insulation shells.

Today, Armaflex is the world’s best known brand for flexible technical insulation. Since developing and launching Armaflex, Armacell has shaped the industry decisively. The company has made a great contribution to professionalizing the use of technical insulation materials and as a technology leader has set industry standards throughout the world. In the year 2006 with its first production facility in Saudi Arabia –Dammam in conjunction with Zamil group of industries the Armacell has brought its innovative technology to the Middle Eastern market.

The Armaflex insulation is available in tubular form with the thicknesses measuring from 9 mm to 32 mm and in the sheet form with thickness measuring from 6mm to 50 mm in both plain and in the self adhesive form. With the technical advancement the Armacell has developed its product range in include the acoustical needs, a wide range of products are manufactured in this segment too by Armacell.


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