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Aluminium Tapes

Our aluminum foil tapes are heat resistant, UV resistant, flexible, waterproof, strong, glossy and excellent for use on almost all forms of surfaces. They come with an inlay of acrylic-based adhesive on one side.

These tapes are Flame Retardant with excellent temperature performance. It is ideal for joining foil-faced glass fiber or rock-wool insulation panels, sealing-off for sealing joints in ductworks thereby proving to be flame retardant and as a vapor barrier. They are ideal for quick repairs to gutters, down-pipes, ducting and many other surfaces.

Roll Length: 15 to 100 ( each.
Width size: Cut to order in most widths.

FSK - Tri-directionally reinforced foil/scrim/kraft lamination, this tape conforms well to both fibrous duct boards and blankets. It is coated with a special cold weather acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive system that combines superior quick-stick at normal temperatures with superior low-temperature performance below freezing levels. Hence it is the ultimate tape for cold weather conditions. Recommended equally for use at normal as well as elevated temperatures.


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