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Air Filters

EXCELAIR Air Filters are manufactured to strict international standards and are supplied across the GCC, Middle East and world over. Its un-diminishing innovativeness & uncompromising quality have ensured growth of its client base and bolter up good will. This is also the reason why it continues to be serious user’s first choice.

EXCELAIR Air filters boast of owning a fully automated air filter Test Rig of its kind in the Middle East and providing comprehensive air filter testing & validating solution to the international standards Viz: ASHRAE/EN. When it comes to air filter, we are one stop shop facility where every type of filter & the complete range of Housing boxes including Odor control units are manufactured.

OUR PRODUCT RANGE PRE FILTER: Excelair Panel, Excelair Pleat, Excelair Polyfiber, Excelair Aluminum, Excelair Metallic. FINE FILTERS: Excelair Pac, Excelair Poly Pac, Excelair Ultra Pac, Excelair C-Cell, Excelair Rigid Pac, Excelair V cell. FG HEPA FILTER: Excelair Hepa SC, Excelair Bio Hepa, Excelair Mini Pleat, Excelair Hepa MP, Excelair Hepa HC and Excelair Hepa HV.

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