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Air filters
Excel air filters...


Excel Air filters are manufactured to strict international standards and are supplied across GCC, the middle and the world over. its un-diminishing innovativeness and uncompromising quality have ensured growth of its client-base and bolster up good will.

When it comes to air filter, we are a one-stop-shop facility where every type of filter and the complete range of Housing Boxes including Odour Control Units are manufactured

Air Outlets
Excel air outlets...


Excel Air Air Outlets are the latest addition to the extensive product range manufactured by the CMS group and are designed to exceed expectations of air distribution requirements of commercial and domestic users.

The range of versatile designed grilles and diffuser provide for adjustable panels and adjust vertical to horizontal circulation, adaptable for both variable and constant air volume systems and are available in both square and round profiles.

Flanging System
Excel flanging system...


Whether it is heating, cooling or ventilating system, the inevitable yet heavy leakage is the scourge all HVAC consultants and contractors, locally and globally, are often seen grappling with. Nasty leakages can reduce technical specification of highest order to a naught spurring AC engineers to scamper for an answer.

Worry not! look no further! Excellent help is at hand in the form of a brand called Excel.... the name that spells quality and performance in flanging system.

Duraflex flexible duct...


Air quality in any indoor circulating system is incomplete without the use of DURAFLEX flexible duct. It is manufactured to highest quality standards meeting all parameters in strength, permeability and fire resistance ideally required in low/medium/high pressure air ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Aluminium Tapes
UV resistant and waterproof...


Our aluminium foil tapes are heat resistant, flexible, strong and glossy and excellent for use on almost all forms of surfaces. They come with an inlay of acrylic-based adhesive on one side.
These tapes are Flame Retardant with excellent temperature performance. They are ideal for quick repairs to gutter down-pipes, ducting, etc.

Tri-directionally reinforced foil...


This tape conforms well to both fibrous duct boards and blankets. Its is coated with a special cold weather, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive system that combines superior quick-stick at normal temperature performance below freezing level. Hence it is the ultimate tapes for cold weather conditions.


ACS has a proven record of being a premier trading company in the region, dealing in a wide range of products dedicated to the commercial and residential construction industry.

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